Patients with one or two large tumors are sometimes best managed with a microsurgical resection of the tumor. Dr. Sahni works with some of the best board certified neurosurgeons who are highly skilled in microsurgical resection of metastatic brain tumors.

This group of surgeons covers  most of the facilities in the Richmond metropolitan area in Virginia and provides surgical services in the facility selected by the patient and the oncologist.

If you are seeing Dr. Sahni after having your surgery, we recommend that you call our office immediately (804-330- 7099) for your first consultation. Some surgeons elect to have Dr. Sahni provide the post operative care while others may wish to follow you until the sutures have been removed. In either case, Dr. Sahni will keep your surgeon informed of your postoperative condition.

Microsurgery is usually very well tolerated and most patients are discharged from the hospital within three to four days. If your recovery after surgery is going a bit slow, you may be placed in a rehab center on a short term basis for quicker recovery. In that case, be sure to call Dr. Sahni’s office for an appointment to be seen as soon as you are discharged.