The most common sites of origin for brain metastases are the lungs, breasts, colon, renal organs, and the skin (melanoma).  If more than one body part is involved, a team approach is needed for better patient treatment.

At the Metastatic Brain Tumor Treatment Center of Virginia (MBTC), we treat each individual patient with respect and compassion and offer the most comprehensive treatment methods. We do this by closely coordinating care with the patient’s medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, neurosurgeon, and primary care physician.

We hold a weekly conference in which our team of doctors come together to discuss some of our complex patients and determine the best individualized treatment approach for such patients. With multiple opinions from doctors that specialize in different disciplines, we come up with the best individualized treatment plans for our patients.

This weekly conference, moderated by Dr. Sahni, includes radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, neurosurgeons, neurologists, neurora­diologists, internists, radiology techs, and nurses.

Dr. Sahni always makes a point to discuss your status with the referring oncologist who may not be able to attend this conference. The available expertise in this conference helps us gather input and insight into the formulation of an individualized treatment strategy.